Bet on college football in the USA

Check out our comprehensive guide to placing a bet on college football in the USA, including betting options, where to bet legally and where to find the best bonuses and free bets There’s no sport quite like it with home stadiums filled to the brim, tailgates a week-long and excitement building up to Game Day. We could only be talking about College Football! The sport attracts the same amount of appeal as the major professional league, with some arguing even more. It has some of the wildest fans, with traditions created every year for chants. You can’t take away the passion sports fans have for College Football. While only being a student-led game, everyone involved takes it as seriously as the NFL. The top schools in the states generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue every year. It’s one of the only leagues in America that considers college sport as their second-tier level in professional sports. With that being said, the best college players will typically declare for the professional draft after 3 years of college football. The NFL holds its annual draft every spring, where 256 players are selected annually all hoping to be picked up by a team. College football fans are some of the most passionate and at the same time intimidating to face as an opposition. Stadiums tend to be much larger due to having less seated chair areas. A total of 47 million fans attend, watch and spectate in College Football. Making it the nation’s second most popular sport. college football betting There’s a lot of reasons people follow college football teams, and how they come to choose them. Typically it might be where they were brought up, what college or university they went to or simply their home local team (depending on how good they are). Unlike the NFL, most can connect to a college or university because they attended it and are happy to wave the colours even years after they have left.


The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a non for profit organization that regulates student-athletes, as well as organizes the athlete’s program at colleges and universities. It includes over 1,268 North American institutions and conferences part of the NCAA. Since there are over 650 schools that play football, to help with making it more equally based on resources and level of play the NCAA College Football is divided into four divisions:
  • Division I FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision)
  • Division I FCS (Football Championship Subdivision)
  • Division II
  • Division III
Division I is then further divided into two sub-divisions with the Bowl Subdivision (FBS), and the Championship Subdivision (FCS). Within each division, the team is a member of a conference. A conference is very similar to a league in professional sports like the NFL. Formerly known as Division I-A, the FBS is the top level of college football in the United States. The FBS consists of the largest and most competitive schools within the league, making it one of the best to watch as well. Considering most sportsbooks only allow sports bets on FBS, we’ve decided to focus on that division within college football. Most FBS teams play 12 regular-season games per year, with an additional 3 or 4 non-conference games that the college can organise themselves with lower leagues. The season begins in late August/ September and ends in January with the College Football Playoff National Championship game. Within Division I FBS, these are the top football conferences to watch:
  • Big Ten
  • Pac-12
  • SEC (Southeastern Conference)
  • ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference)
  • Big 12
  • The Big East

Is it legal to bet on college football?

Placing a bet on college football is legal, just make sure that you check that the state you bet in has made sports betting legal and that you are the right legal age to bet. Every college football game featuring two NCAA Division I programs are made available by online sportsbooks, giving you the option to bet on spread bets, Moneylines and Over/Unders. However, some games featuring D-I teams against lower-division opponents may not be available due to mismatch potential. Other lower divisions games rarely are posted on sportsbooks unless it’s a conference game.

Ways to bet on college football

Point Spreads

A very popular form of bet on college football, the point spread is a form of a handicap bet, it helps even the playing field on game day. Teams will be shown either with a (+) underdog or (-) favourite, referred to as the line. In order to win, you need to choose the winner with the point spread covered. For example, Oregon Ducks are favoured to win over Oregon State Beavers, their rivals, with a spread of -8.5. Ducks will need to win the game by 9 points for you to cover the spread and win the bet.


One of the most popular bets in college football is the Moneyline, where you decide on the outright winner. (Team A or Team B). Odds are associated with each team based on their probability of winning, each being either the favourite or underdog. The higher the odds the bigger the payout.

Totals or Over/Unders

Over and Unders is simply betting on whether the combined score will be over or under the bookmaker’s prediction. For example, if the O/U for Florida State Seminoles and Texas Longhorns is 30.5, you’ll need at least 31 points scored to win the Over and a max of 30 points scored to win the Under. 


This wager is based on several outcomes for you to win the bet. To win the Parlay, all the selected teams need to win. For example, if you place a Parlay $200 bet on the LSU Tigers and Florida Gators, both teams need to win. Since the wager is based on multiple outcomes it’s much risker for the better, however it offers better returns if they are correct.


Also know as future bets, you are wagering on an outcome that has yet to happen. Future bets are typical for the current season and can be bet on championships, conferences and even the NCAA Football Heisman Trophy. Betting the winner for the chosen conference winner could seem a far stretch, but the odds can be as high as +800, meaning a $100 bet would win you $800 if you’re correct. bet on college football

Prop Bets

Prop bets are another popular way to bet on college football. Also known as additional bets, these wagers can make the game a lot more interesting for the better. Since you can bet on any particular event in the game, prop bets don’t rely on the final outcome. You can bet on game props, player props, team props and many more. Think that the Georgia Bulldogs will be leading by half time, or the 1st-Half score will be Over/Under 35? Prop bets are a fun way to wager on and you might even get lucky and predict a result.

National Championship

One of the top games in the football calendar, and one of the most popular sports wagers. Think of it as the Super Bowl. The College Football Playoff National Championship is a post-season college football bowl game that sets a four-team playoff. The goal for every team is to finish the regular season either first or second in the BCS rankings increasing their chances to be in the national Championship Playoffs. So if you believe your team will go on to lift that trophy up and be crowned champions, it might be worthwhile placing that bet.